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                    The CTD - B weighing system can be mounted on all electrical stackers and has a high accuracy, which makes a legal for trade version possible. The weighing stacker consists of two components. The carriage plate and the forks are modified for the mounting of 6 load cells, 1,000 kg capacity each. Onto these load cells the fork shoe is mounted. This construction without moving parts guarantees a robust weighing system. The load cells and cables are completely protected. The indicator and optional peripheral equipment, e.g. a printer, are installed in such a way that the readability is optimal and the stacker truck remains easy to operate
                    For special options the standard dimensions can differ from the above standard specifications.
                    Smaller graduation or multi-range
                    Built-in printer for printing weighing data onsite
                    Stainless steel forks
                    Rotating indicator for reading display from all angles
                    Other options on demand
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